BD coaching

At Wheeler Associates, we coach partners and those pushing for admission to partnership to improve their business development (BD) skills and effectiveness.

Coaching testimonials

Below are the thoughts of some of those who have used Wheeler Associates for coaching.

“I can vouch for Kevin – he is commercial, determined, insightful and practical in his approach and I would particularly recommend him in the BD space where the legal industry continues to need additional expert educationalists.”

Head of L&D, Magic Circle Law Firm

“I have greatly enjoyed working with you and thank you for all your help and good guidance. I also much appreciate your kind offer of advice in the future.”

Partner, US Law Firm

"Kevin has helped me by asking me to focus on my own brand, as it were, rather than the firm's brand or anything else: why should people come to [name] for advice?  We worked out a plan and ideas that worked for me personally, my practice area and my personality.  It was actually quite liberating.  I learned that my instincts were broadly right but the coaching introduced some much-needed efficiency in how to carry out the plan and deliver on the ideas, with the result that I should achieve much better results from the same investment of time.  For example, when I generate articles and press releases, I was encouraged to ensure they reached the right people rather than just put it out there and wait for people to come to me.  I also gathered some useful tips from Kevin's own experience, such as how to sort the wheat from the chaff, when to persist and for how long and when to let go, essentially what works and what doesn't."  

Partner, Private Client Law Firm 

"Kevin's coaching techniques have been very useful to kick-start my marketing initiatives again. There is no doubt that after several years it can be difficult to keep the same level of enthusiasm for business development. I found that Kevin was very good at breaking down what I had been doing, and working with me to evaluate the areas that I needed to concentrate on. He helped me focus on what was likely to be of benefit and also to weed out the non-productive areas. 

Kevin challenged my views, and made me re-evaluate what I had assumed to be true. The sessions carefully built upon what had gone before, rather than loading everything up at the start. He took time to listen to what I did and to assess what was likely to work for me, rather than try to wheel out a universal approach. Going forward I will be working far more collaboratively with my non contentious property colleagues. This has worked well over the last 6 - 9 months, with several joint talks and introductions. We have a full plan set up for the next 6 months, and I feel re-invigorated. The challenge is now to maintain those levels over the coming years."

Partner, UK Law Firm

“Over the last 18 months Kevin has supported me through the Partnership Assessment Programme at my Firm. When choosing a coach it was important to me to find someone who would be honest and direct in the way they work. Kevin has been both, but also incredibly supportive. He has a deep knowledge of law firms and professional services environments, which has been invaluable. In our coaching sessions I would start describing a situation and immediately Kevin would understand the situation and all its nuances and would help coach me through the process of dealing with it. As a result of the insights Kevin has given me I think I feel more able to navigate my way through the upper echelons of a professional services practice and what I need to do to succeed. The other thing to mention about Kevin is that he is very thorough, he has notes for everything and is always willing to read documents outside the contracted coaching hours and provide advice. Kevin has been a huge support through the PAP process."

Director, Consulting Business, Law Firm ABS

“Overall I found the whole experience as a coachee very useful. It is very important to have someone to bounce off thoughts on who is external to the business and you were ideal for this purpose. I do not have any feedback of a negative nature as I enjoyed the whole experience.”

Partner, International Law Firm

“I have recently completed a series of coaching sessions with Kevin and would have no hesitation in recommending him for this kind of support. Kevin's understanding of the peculiarities of law firm management and his grasp of complex situations is informed by his wealth of experience in the sector and his questioning as a result is astute and insightful. Consequently each session seems to cover a lot of ground effortlessly and, following the completion of my coaching sessions, I now have both a clear and structured set of actions to complete and more importantly a bright light at the end of the tunnel on some difficult issues.” 

Director of Marketing, UK Law Firm

"I have some good news to share, I have been invited to join the partnership with effect from 1 May! Thank you for all your guidance and help throughout the process."

Associate, UK Law Firm

“I also want to say thank you.  I am delighted we are working together again.  I know that the work that you are doing with your coachees is making a big difference to them.  You have also helped us to make coaching something that is a positive thing for partners and associates to engage with.”

COO, UK Law Firm

“[Your coaching] has helped me to become more disciplined with business development and to be on the look-out for BD opportunities to develop/exploit. Once again, many thanks for all your help.”

Partner, Private Client Law Firm

"I have benefited greatly from Kevin’s coaching over the last 5 months in that it has given me more structure, direction and focus in my overall BD efforts."

Partner, International Law Firm

“The aspect of your coaching style that worked best for me was your ability to provide insights based on your personal experiences of the networking that you have to do in order to grow your own business.”

Associate, Private Client Law Firm