Helping professional services
firms to win new business

With the continuing turmoil due to the COVID-19 crisis, Wheeler Associates works with professional services firms to help them retain clients and win new business.

The economic impact of the crisis has meant that professional services markets have been challenging: whilst some services, e.g. employment, restructuring, etc. have been in increased demand, and some sectors have benefited from the global lock-down, the overall picture has been one of recessionary economies and lower levels of corporate transactions. This has meant reduced demand for most advisory services. As the various vaccines bring protection to populations, economies are now opening up again and firms can start planning for growth.

Against this backdrop, Wheeler Associates advises firms how to protect and develop their key clients and win work from new clients in what is still a competitive marketplace. We also train and coach partners so that they have the necessary business development skills to reach their growth targets.

For more than 30 years, we have worked with partners from across a range of professional services firms refining our understanding of those marketing and business development practices which work best for firms in this sector. We have advised through and out the other side of several economic downturns. We understand the partnership culture and why partners are often reluctant to embrace marketing. This understanding and our experience has allowed us to work successfully with many firms to educate, direct, support and coach partners to become first-class marketers and winners of new business.

In the course of our work, we have developed a proprietary model for defining ‘best in class’ marketing for professional services firms. All our work for clients is underpinned by this model which identifies seven processes which are critical to marketing success.